Progress! Boston Moves toward Racial Justice & Equity, Changes Boston Exam School Admissions

On October 21, in a step toward racial and educational justice, the Boston School Committee voted unanimously in favor of a proposal to drop the entrance exam used for admission to the district’s three selective public schools. NAACP Boston Branch President Tanisha Sullivan, who helped draft the proposal, read from a statement by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi. Kendi wrote, “…we know a policy is creating more equal opportunity if it is closing racial and economic inequity. We know a policy is not creating equal opportunity if it is maintaining racial and economic inequity. And the data is indisputable on the effects of this plan: it will close racial and economic gaps.” (Dr. Kendi’s entire statement is powerful, illuminating and worth reading!)

CPS was proud to join with 12 civil rights, education justice, and community organizations in support of the Exam School Admission Criteria Working Group’s admissions proposal for the 2021-2022 school year.

As the letter says, “The proposal is an appropriate way to conduct admissions amidst this terrible pandemic, and it is a meaningful move toward equitable representation in Boston’s exam schools.” Click here to read the full text.

Click here to read the Bay State Banner’s story, here to read Schoolyard News’ look under the hood of the proposal and here to read Max Larkin’s report for WBUR

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