Join the Less Testing, More Learning MA Campaign

Massachusetts can do better. 

All children deserve a well-rounded education. School should be about educating the whole child, not just preparing to take narrowly focused standardized tests – yet this has become our reality with the MCAS test in Massachusetts.   And it’s not working:

  • MCAS has not eliminated achievement gaps, and the test harms low-income students, students of color, and students with disabilities the most. 
  • MCAS has negatively affected learning environments, narrowing curriculum, encouraging “teaching to the test,” taking time and money away from other programs, like arts and recess, and creating student & teacher stress.
  • There are better ways to measure and motivate learning. Multiple-choice tests don’t work to assess student progress.  Student scores don’t measure or help improve teacher performance. Massachusetts is only one of 12 states that maintains a graduation test; more than 15 states have recognized they don’t work.

That’s why Citizens for Public Schools, along with teachers, parents, our partners and other community members, has launched a statewide campaign to roll back high-stakes testing in Massachusetts.

TAKE ACTION NOW: We can do better for our children; there is power in numbers. You can make a difference by adding your voice. There are many ways to be involved:

LEARN MORE on the issues:

  • Click here to learn more about the negative impacts of over-emphasizing standardized testing and innovative approaches to more effective assessments. 
  • Visit this link to read fact sheets by FairTest on Testing, resistance, and better alternatives.
  • Learn more about new approaches to assessment and accountability here in Massachusetts. Click here to see MCIEA’s excellent infographic. 
  • Click here to learn why Citizens for Public Schools, along with teachers, parents, partners and other community members, has launched a statewide campaign to roll back high-stakes testing in Massachusetts.

Opting out of MCAS this spring? Check out these nifty t-shirts created by a Somerville parent. (Email if you’re interested and we can connect you.)