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Less Testing,
More Learning

Let’s restore a love of learning.  Let’s make school be about educating the whole child. We expect schools to do more than just prepare our kids to take tests in a few academic subjects – yet this has become our reality.  Budget shortfalls, combined with a narrow focus on the subjects covered by MCAS tests, are causing other areas of our children’s learning to be neglected or eliminated.

Read more here about the negative impacts of over-emphasizing standardized testing and innovative approaches to more effective assessments. Read about a group exploring new approaches to assessment and accountability here in Massachusetts. 

Click here to learn why Citizens for Public Schools, along with teachers, parents, partners and other community members, has launched a statewide campaign to roll back high-stakes testing in Massachusetts.

Tell Massachusetts leaders that schools should provide a well-rounded education
and meet the needs of the whole child, for every child, no matter their ZIP code:



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