CPS Board Members

Board Members
(*New to the board for 2021)

Edith Bazile
Roy Belson
Mary Cummings
Jennifer Debin*
Sheila Decter
Eleanor Duckworth
Suzanne Federspiel 
Barbara Fields
Dan French – PRESIDENT
Alain Jehlen
Roberto Jimenez-Rivera
Julie Johnson — TREASURER
Karen Kast-McBride
Andrew King
Jonathan King
Beth Kontos
Louis Kruger
Yahaira Lopez
Jean McGuire
Kevin Murray
Merrie Najimy
Max Page
Dr. Theresa Perry
Dr. Marianela Rivera
Mary Rizzuto — SECRETARY
Ruth Rodriguez
Ricardo Rosa
Go Sasaki*
Carol Savage
Norma Shapiro — VICE PRESIDENT
Jessica Tang
Peggy Wiesenberg

Lisa Guisbond, Executive Director




From Left to Right, Back Row: Dan French, Bill Robinson, Monty Neill, Suzanne Federspiel, Kevin Murray, Sheila Decter, Alain Jehelen, Roy Belson, Mary Cummings, Jonathan King , Darcie Boyer, Barbara Fields, Tom Gosnell, Norma Shapiro, Paula Parnagian, Barbara Madeloni
From Left to Right, Front Row: Jacqueline King (Former Board Member), Ann O’Halloran, Lisa Guisbond (ED), Pia Cisternino, Lou Kruger
Not pictured: Joshua Amaral, Edith Bazile, Eleanor Duckworth, Julie Johnson, Karen Kast-McBride, Sandra McIntosh, Jean McGuire, Theresa Perry, Ruth Rodriguez, Jose Soler, Jessica Tang