Boston Schools Affected and Demographics of Schools

Boston School Closures, Mergers, Expansions and Takeovers

Based on the December 15, 2010 School Department vote:

Nine schools close and 10 schools merge. One Innovation School. Two charter takeovers:


Close East Zone Early Learning Center

Close Fifield Elementary

Close Emerson Elementary

Close Farragut Elementary

Close Agassiz

Close The Engineering School

Close Social Justice Academy

Close Gavin Middle – becomes UP Academy (charter)

Close Odyssey H.S., change to Boston Green Academy
(Horace Mann charter)


Merge Lee Academy and Lee Elementary Schools, create a K-8

Merge Alighieri into Umana building, create K-8

Merge Urban Science Academy and Parkway

Academy of Technology & Health

Merge Brook Farm Business & Service Career Academy & Media Communications Technology H.S. (remain in same buildings)

Merge Excel H.S. & Monument H.S. led by Excel


Expand Holland Elementary by one classroom

Expand Trotter Elementary by one classroom

Expand King K-8, Add a K2 -5

Cape Verdean SEI program

Expand Dearborn to a 6 – 12 STEM Program


Relocate Community Academy of Science & Health

Unite, expand TechBoston Academy (6-12)

Move Dorchester Academy to Wilson Building

Roger Clap Elementary becomes an “Innovation” school

Demographics of the schools affected: