Diane Ravitch Rocked the House!

Thanks to Diane Ravitch for her clear and compelling analysis of the disastrous education policies raining down on our heads from Arne Duncan, Bill Gates and Co. (Diane said she’s not quite sure which of the two is really driving this bus, but she knows it’s going in the wrong direction–toward increasing privatization, testing and punishment.) Thanks to our old and new friends and supporters who came out in droves to listen, question and share their concerns and frustrations with Diane and one another. Thanks, as well, to our co-sponsors at Boston College Lynch School of Education.

Listening together to Diane reminded us that we need to see and understand what’s really going on, keep in touch and work harder than ever to turn the bus around. Diane left us with Margaret Mead’s always welcome words of encouragement: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has,” adding, “Don’t agonize, organize!” The response from the stand-room-only crowd? Those who weren’t already on their feet stood and showered Diane with applause.

Watch your email for the next CPS Backpack newsletter, with photos and a longer report on this important event. –Lisa Guisbond

(Photo of Diane Ravitch by George Abbott White)