CPS in the News: Board Member Says MCAS Requirement Hurts Special Education Students More than Helps

Shannon was one of the students featured in Prof. Kruger's film, Children Left Behind, about students who struggled to pass the MCAS and pursue their goals and dreams.

The Patriot Ledger covered a new report by CPS Board Member Louis Kruger about the impact of the MCAS graduation requirement on students with disabilities.

The report looks at the percentage of students with disabilities who have been blocked from high school graduation by the MCAS exams, compared with rates for students without disabilities: “Dr. Louis J. Kruger, who has studied the effect high-stakes testing has on students, said 75 percent of the pupils who failed the MCAS in 2011  were classified as special-education students.”

The Patriot Ledger article continues, ““It appears as if we have this rigorous high school exit exam, but, in reality, virtually the only ones weÂ’re preventing from getting their high school diplomas are students with disabilities,” Kruger said.”

To read more of the July 25, 2012, article, click here.