CPS Annual Meeting Honors Activists for Public Schools

Citizens for Public Schools’ 28th annual meeting honored a distinguished group of activists for public schools. On Thursday, March 4, CPS presented Activists for Public Schools awards to Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Melrose) (a candidate for the Senate seat currently held by Sen. Richard Tisei), Sen. Patricia Jehlen (D-Somerville, Medford), Judge Luis Perez and Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education (CARE) organizers Lisa Guisbond, Jacqueline King and Larry Ward.

“With our public schools increasingly under attack, CPS presents these awards as part of its decades-long tradition of recognizing those who are willing to stand up for public education,” said CPS Executive Director Marilyn Segal. “Each one of our honorees exemplifies the value of struggling against the forces of privatization and standardization and struggling for equity and quality for all public schoolchildren.”

“Rep. Clark and Sen. Jehlen have been stalwart supporters of adequately funded, strong, vibrant and equitable public schools for all and thoughtful skeptics when it comes to unproven and destructive policy proposals,” said CPS Co-President Barbara Fields.

“It is an honor to be recognized by Citizens for Public Schools, the outstanding advocate for public education, along with the other recipients, who are also children’s greatest champions,”  Sen. Jehlen said.  “There is nothing more important for our state’s future than providing our children with the highest possible quality public education.  The jobs of the future depend on our children’s creativity and skills.”

“I am honored to receive this award from CPS, an organization that has long fought for equity and quality for all public schoolchildren,” said Rep. Clark. “Education is the civil rights issue of this era, and it is critical that all students are afforded equal opportunities and access to excellent education. I will continue to work hard to improve education policy and provide what is best for our school children and our public schools.”

“We’re proud to honor Judge Luis Perez for his advocacy for all young people, but especially for Latino students around the state, who constitute the largest number of students left behind,” said Co-President Ruth Rodriguez.  “His work means the struggles and problems faced by these students have not been forgotten.”

Fields said she is proud to acknowledge the work of CARE organizers Guisbond, King and Ward, who laid a foundation of grass roots activism upon which CPS continues to build, since the two organizations merged in 2009.