Tell your legislators: Communities know best

Speak Up for the Student Opportunity Act Today! Massachusetts is now one step closer to fulfilling its promise of fully and equitably fund public schools for all. Contact your legislators to make sure the best possible bill is enacted!

The Massachusetts House of Representatives and Senate have unanimously approved their own versions of the Student Opportunity Act, the Senate on Oct. 3 and the House on Oct. 23. The two chambers must work out remaining differences before sending a final bill to Governor Charlie Baker. They plan to act swiftly in the hopes of enacting a bill before the Legislature recesses on November 20. Contact them now!

Both bills increase annual state education spending by $1.5 billion as of 2027, which is game-changer for students, particularly in low-income communities. However, their accountability provisions differ. While neither bill modifies current laws relating to schools designated “underperforming,” the House bill gives the commissioner of education more authority to direct spending plans in all districts. The Senate version – strongly favored by the Fund Our Future coalition – keeps that authority where it belongs: with local communities. 

Urge your representative and senator to tell legislative leaders they want spending decisions made closer to the classroom. It’s the democratic way. Local school committee members who make bad decisions can be voted out of office; the appointed commissioner of education cannot. 

Act now. Massachusetts students can’t wait!

Download a Fact Sheet on Senate Version of the Student Opportunity Act