Support Public Education, Support CPS!

Dear CPS Members and Education advocates:

I write to you to urge you to support CPS.

Last year when I retired after teaching for 32 years, I found myself, at long last, with time to advocate for and support public schools. I looked for a place where I could make a positive impact for the children and teachers in our public schools.

I found Citizens for Public Schools because I understand that they are the only ones in the state whose sole function is to support public schools. CPS does not have a vested interest when it works to promote, preserve and protect public schools and public education.

Volunteering steadily with CPS this year, I have been really amazed at the interconnections of CPS and so many organizations that directly or indirectly support our students, educators and communities.

I had never before spent time on Beacon Hill because I was always working during the hours that one could testify or visit legislators in their offices. This year I had a crash course on citizen lobbying.

I was glad to know that CPS is up on the hill fighting for our students, teachers and parents.

This year CPS organized an important conference: Educating the Whole Student ~ Coming Together, Advancing the Vision. It was very successful, in both numbers and breadth of attendees. The key issues under consideration ~ Readiness Schools, Charter Schools & Privatization, Funding & Resources, MCAS Reform, and Education of the Whole Child ~ resonated with our audience and provided a powerful experience. CPS plans to follow up with grassroots organizing throughout the state.

A contribution of $100, 50, 25 or whatever you can afford to spare can go a long way to supporting the work of CPS. A yearly membership is only $35. You can contribute a tax-deductible donation by a check made out to Citizens for Public Schools or go to our website and pay by credit card.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Ann O’Halloran

CPS Board of Directors

History Teacher of the Year 2007