More on CPS Annual Meeting

This was a wonderful meeting of members, legislators and community supporters with enthusiasm for all of our award recipients. The year’s activities of CPS were highlighted ~ legislation, monthly coalition forums, grassroots organizing, fall conference, letters to the editor, disseminating information, and screenings of the film “Children Left Behind.”

Awards were presented and recipients spoke of their experiences supporting public education.


Senator Patricia Jehlen by CPS Board member Norma Shapiro


CPS honors you for your many years of dedicated service on behalf of children and public education in Massachusetts.  We especially thank you for your work as the co-founder of the Council for Fair School Finance, that helped to fund the lawsuit that led to the landmark court decision requiring the state to adequately fund its public schools, as well as for your continued support for public education and public educators.  Public school students, parents, teachers and, indeed, all residents of the Commonwealth are indebted to you, as an activist, as a school committee member and as a legislator, for your commitment to a quality public education for all.

Representative Katherine Clark by CPS Vice President, Julie Johnson


CPS honors you for your dedicated service and activism for the health and safety of the children of the Commonwealth and to improving our public schools so that all students receive a quality education.  We thank you especially for your strong advocacy on behalf of public school teachers and their students in working to improve recent legislation affecting our public schools.  Your steadfast commitment to fairness and due process for educators and your unwavering support for our public schools, despite political pressure, has earned you the respect and thanks of thousands of students, parents, teachers and citizens across the state.

Judge Luis G. Perez by CPS President Ruth Rodriguez


CPS honors Worcester Juvenile Court Judge Luis G. Perez, the first Massachusetts Juvenile Court Judge of Puerto Rican descent. We thank you for your passion and commitment to justice, and for connecting education with academic success as a way to redirect young people from the criminal justice system. You have been a fearless advocate for ensuring that English language learners and students with special needs get the quality education that they are entitled to receive. CPS is honored to include you as a friend, partner and supporter of our work.

CPS Board member Jean McGuire (on right) presented the award to CARE organizers (from left) Jackie King, Larry Ward and Lisa Guisbond.

Massachusetts Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education by Jean McGuire, CPS Board member


CPS honors the public school parents and teachers of MassCARE who labored to protect their schools and students from the most damaging effects of the MCAS tests. We particularly recognize the tireless efforts of Jackie, Larry and Lisa who spent long hours traveling to evening and weekend meetings to work with public school advocacy groups across the Commonwealth, aiding their local efforts and weaving them together into a statewide network. Their efforts to fight for fair and authentic assessment for our students, teachers and schools set a standard that CPS seeks to follow. With the merger of MassCARE and CPS, we look forward to continuing your invaluable work together.

Our summer intern, Max Morrongiello, received an award and a special thank you for his help with organizing, public relations, legislation and technology support.