Spring 2012 Backpack

The Backpack / Spring 2012 Edition

In this issue:

* Stand Faces Growing Opposition to Ballot Question
*Join Us June 14 to Celebrate 30 Years of CPS!
* New CPS President, Ann O’Halloran, Shares Her Wisdom
* CPS in Action: National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing, Occupy the D.O.E., Brookline Forum, “TEACH” Film Wins Award
* CPS New Board Members Bring a Wealth of Experience, Ideas

This Spring, CPS celebrates our 30th anniversary and we want to celebrate it with all of you. We hope many of you will join us on June 14 as we honor a distinguished group of public education advocates. We’ve come a long way and won some important battles, but new challenges continue to arise. Read our update on the fight against Stand for Children’s ill-conceived ballot question and how CPS has joined with other allies in this important struggle.

CPS in Action includes updates on an exciting National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing, initiated by FairTest and supported by CPS and, so far, more than 245 other organizations and 6,500 individuals. We also have news on CPS at Occupy the D.O.E., the award-winning TEACH documentary and more. Finally, we share inspiring words from our new President, Ann O’Halloran, and introduce you to our amazing new board members.

As always, we want to invite our readers and their friends to get involved in creating news for our next edition. And don’t forget to pass the Backpack along to your friends and family. Note: Unless otherwise noted, all articles represent the opinion of the authors and not necessarily that of the organization.


Lisa Guisbond and Jacqueline King are co-editors of The Backpack and CPS Board Members. Thanks to the outstanding contributions of Backpack editorial committee–Alain Jehlen, Paul Dunphy, Jonathan King, and Ann O’Halloran.