Opting out of MCAS this spring?

Check out these nifty t-shirts created by a Somerville parent. (Email lesstestingmorelearning@gmail.com if you’re interested in one and we can connect you.)   → Read More

CPS Statement on Legislature’s Failure to Pass School Funding Bill

It is outrageous, as well as “unfathomable and inexcusable,” to quote Senator Chang-Diaz, for the Foundation Budget bill to fail. The bill arrived at the conference committee already compromised by the House’s failure to include funding for English language learners and low-income students. Rep. Peisch cited the “complexities” involved, but these complexities have been studied for years, and this funding problem is eminently solvable.

 It is past time for action!  A child born in 1993, when the Foundation Funding formula was crafted, is now a 25-year-old adult. And that adult is wondering if their own child will have public schools with enough resources to provide a whole child education. Where’s the legislative leadership to solve problems that have been staring us in the face for years? — Lisa Guisbond   → Read More

CPS fired up by our “More than a Score” session at MEJA convening

Thanks to all of the wonderful students, parents, educators and activists who joined us at the MEJA convening in Worcester Saturday, June 23.

Thanks especially to the amazing group who participated in CPS’s “More than a Score” breakout session.

We all know the system is unfair, ineffective and narrows the curriculum. It’s time to demand change! Students are more than a score!    → Read More

CPS Statement to the Boston School Committee: “Lay your cards on the table”

Thank you for the opportunity to speak today. I am Lisa Guisbond, executive director of Citizens for Public Schools. We have been working to strengthen public schools across the state for more than 30 years.

We joined with other organizations to sign a letter to you and to Mayor Walsh about community involvement in Build BPS and the major decisions about grade configuration, school start times, and perhaps school closures that are likely to be associated with Build BPS.

The letter is 750 words long. I can summarize it in six: Lay your cards on the table.

These decisions will affect the lives of thousands of children. If you genuinely want community involvement, you must spell out the alternatives you are considering. Don’t dribble out your plan, a small school closing here, a parcel of land there.

We urge you to learn the lesson of the start time fiasco. You had 10,000 responses from the school communities.   → Read More

Register Now for CPS Annual Meeting with Daniel Koretz

Join us for CPS’s annual meeting on Thursday, March 22 at the Church on the Hill, 140 Bowdoin Street, Boston, 5:30 pm refreshments, 6-8:30 pm program.

Our guest speaker is Daniel Koretz, author of The Testing Charade: Pretending to Make Schools Better

Click HERE to register now.

All are welcome. Capacity is limited, so register now. 

  • Hear our guest speaker
  • Learn about our advocacy campaigns
  • Elect officers and board

CPS non-members are welcome – Suggested donation of $15 (can be applied to membership). Click HERE to join, renew your membership, or donate.     → Read More