Ask your legislators to support MCAS moratorium legislation

Enough is enough: NOW is the time for a moratorium on the high-stakes MCAS!

With widespread protests against racist policies and institutions, it’s time to face how MCAS worsens education inequities. MCAS has not furthered equity and racial justice in our public schools. Instead, the record shows that many students and schools have been deeply harmed by MCAS testing.

Help us end high-stakes MCAS testing in Massachusetts so we can focus on students’ real needs, including racial justice, health, well being and a whole child education! We can and must do better than a system that has done nothing to improve school quality or close gaps in opportunity after more than 20 years. On the contrary, many students and schools have been deeply harmed by the racially biased MCAS. (To learn more about why it’s time for an MCAS moratorium, read our new report, MCAS is the Wrong Answer. And see fact sheets in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Cape Verdean. )