The Backpack Needs You!

The CPS Backpack is nothing without you, our loyal readers. Thanks to you all for reading, passing along to your friends, participating in our events and, not least, donating to CPS so we can keep doing the important work of supporting public schools and exposing efforts to undermine public education.

Here’s a new way you can get involved. For our next issue, we want to write an article that includes you and your ideas. We will base one of our stories entirely on what we learn from you, our readers. The topic is charter schools and how they are affecting you and your community.

We want to find out what you know about this issue. Is there a charter school in your town or a neighboring town that draws students from your district? How is this affecting school finances? Are you a teacher whose classroom is affected by students leaving (or returning) from a charter school? Are you a parent who is concerned about the effect of a charter on resources for your children’s school? Are you a former charter school parent, teacher or student? How are charters affecting you as a school committee member?

Tell us your stories and we’ll include them in a Backpack article. (We also welcome other story ideas and/or stories submitted by you, our readers.) You can email us at Thanks.

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