CPS Questions Qualifications of New State School Board Chair

Citizens for Public Schools is deeply concerned about Governor Baker’s appointment of a charter school advocate with no education background to chair the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Baker’s pick, Paul Sagan, chairman of Massachusetts Business Leaders for Charter Public Schools, is clearly aligned with one side of a heated debate over whether or not to expand charter schools in the Commonwealth. This represents a clear conflict of interest regarding a role that includes charter school approval.

Sagan’s background is in technology and the media, not education. It is essential that the chair of the body charged with overseeing Massachusetts public schools be qualified and dedicated to the best interests of all of our public school students.

Research shows that charter schools do no better than public schools in educating children and deprive the public schools of sufficient funds to prepare students with the most challenging educational needs—who are generally excluded from charters.

CPS’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect public schools and public education. CPS opposes any political or social initiative that seeks to infringe on or endanger such a vital resource as our public schools. For more information on the CPS mission and goals, see www.citizensforpublicschools.org.