Public Schools and Teachers are Underfunded and Under Attack

Learn about and support two inter-related efforts to combat this:

•       Save our Schools March and National Call to Action, Washington D.C., July 28-31, and local events across the state, sponsored by Citizens for Public Schools.

•       Wisconsin Senatorial Recall Elections, August 9, and attacks on Public Unions.

Monday, August 1, 7:00 pm

123 Buckminster Rd.

Home of Don Weitzman and Harriet Goldberg

Organized by Julie Johnson, Rep. Frank Smizik, Ed Loechler, David Klafter and Marcia Hnatowich, and supported by:  Citizens for Public Schools, Brookline PAX, and Brookline Chapter of Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts.

Save Our Schools March In Washington D.C. (July 28-31)

The March and National Call of Action will see thousands of educators, parents, students and concerned citizens coming to Washington to launch a new national Save Our Schools movement.  We will also lobby for positive changes in public schools such as: providing adequate funding, respecting educators and parents, and helping students fulfill their potential by focusing on the “whole child” and using multiple measures for assessment, rather than standardized testing.  For those who can’t make it to D.C., we hope you will join us in support on August 1.

To RSVP:  Contact Julie Johnson at or 617-738-9838.

For more information about the Save Our Schools March, or Citizens for Public Schools, or to make a donation:;

Wisconsin Senatorial Recall Elections

Unions and progressives in Wisconsin rose up this spring to oppose the right-wing, anti-union Republican repeal of collective bargaining rights for public employees.  On August 9th, Wisconsin voters have a chance to “THROW THE BUMS OUT!” Democrats are challenging seated Republicans in six state senatorial districts in special recall elections.  If only three Democrats win, Republicans will loose their majority in the Wisconsin Senate. Come to the August 1st fundraiser or give generously online at:

Also, make phone calls:  Sunday, August 7, 7:00pm, 106 Beals St., Brookline (Home of Ed Loechler and Leslie Spaneas).  Or make phone calls from home via Democracy for America:

To RSVP:  Contact: Ed Loechler, 617-543-8153