Call Today to Save Our Public Schools

Your Voice Can Make a Difference for MA Public Education! 

Did you vote No on Question 2 to stop charter expansion in order to keep public funds in public schools? It’s time to take the next step.

© 2016 Eric Haynes

The Massachusetts Senate passed an amendment to its budget, sponsored by Senator Pat Jehlen, Sections 61 & 62 of SB 2530 (final Senate budget), that:

  • Prohibits the MA Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) from approving or expanding charter schools unless the legislature fully funds charter school reimbursements; and,
  • Requires the MA BESE to consider the ramifications on local districts and students when considering charter applications.

The House and Senate budget bills are now before a Conference Committee, to iron out the differences between the two bills.  CALLS TO THE CONFERENCE COMMITTEE in support of the amendment are critical to getting this amendment included in the final budget!  HOW YOU CAN HELP:

**Keep Public Funds in Public Schools:  Call YOUR Representative and Senator and ask them to urge their members of the Conference Committee to INCLUDE SECTIONS 61 & 62 OF THE SENATE BUDGET in the final budget.

**Call the members of the CONFERENCE COMMITTEE and ask them to do the same (see below):

Chair of House Ways and Means – Rep. Jeff Sanchez – 617-722-2990

Rep. Stephen Kulik – 617-722-2380

Rep. Todd Smola – 617-722-2100

Chair of Senate Ways and Means – Senator Karen Spilka – 617-722-1640

Senator Joan Lovely – 617-722-1410

Senator Virato “Vinny” DeMacedo – 617-722-1330

**Access to Recess:  another important amendment was added to the Senate budget.  Please also urge your legislators and the Conference Committee to INCLUDE SECTION 56 of the Senate Budget in the final budget.  This amendment sponsored by Senator Michael Rush would ensure children in kindergarten through grade 5 get 20 minutes a day of unstructured recess time.