CPS 2019 Legislative Bills


If you ran into an error message on Action Network (some of the new legislators are not yet in the system), or if you prefer to send your legislators a message on your own regarding the co-sponsorship of our seven education bills, please copy and paste (and feel free to customize!) the text below and send it to your Representative and Senator. You can find them at this link: https://malegislature.gov/Search/FindMyLegislator


Dear ____, 

We are parents and citizens who support Massachusetts public schools, and we want our voices heard! You can make a difference for public school students throughout the Commonwealth by co-sponsoring Citizens for Public School’s seven public education bills.   These bills support CPS’s mission to promote, preserve and protect public education. Collectively, they would: update the inadequate and inequitable K-12 school funding formula, stop the high stakes uses of standardized testing, inform parents about the amount and uses of testing in their children’s schools, bring accountability and transparency to charter schools, and guarantee that students have adequate time for recess. These policies affect all of us, whether or not your district has a charter school or you have a school-age child! Everyone benefits from strong, well-funded, equitably resourced public education!

Please co-sponsor these seven public education bills:

PROMISE Act (HD.434): An Act providing rightful opportunities and meaningful investment for successful and equitable education. The PROMISE Act is a landmark bill that is part of the #FundOurFuture” campaign. (Reps. Keefe/Vega)

Charter School Reform

Ensuring charter school transparency and public accountability. (HD.1448) Requires charters to comply with same laws as regular public schools. (Rep. Vitolo)

Requiring local approval for charter schools. (SD.31) Requires local approval for any new Commonwealth charter schools. (Sen. Moore)

Less Testing, More Learning

Placing a moratorium on high stakes testing. (HD.3372) Would halt the use of standardized test results to make important decisions about students, teachers or schools. (Rep. Decker)

Clarifying parental rights in the administration of standardized tests.  (HD.3899) Clarifies current law that parents have the right to opt their children out of certain testing requirements, and sets out protections to ensure that parents may exercise these important parental rights. (Rep. Malia)

Ensuring parental notification about testing. (HD.3949) An Act requiring school districts, with the assistance of the department of elementary and secondary education, to disclose information about required assessments (Rep. Malia)

Ensuring recess for elementary school children. (HD.3175) This legislation would mandate at least 20 minutes of unstructured free-play recess per school day for public school students in grades K-5. (Rep. Decker)

Thank you!