Opportunity: Less Testing Organizer/Assistant to Director


Job Description


Support CPS’s Less Testing, More Learning program work

  • Write up, share, communicate plans and projects of CPS’s Less Testing, More Learning Campaign
  • Organize lists, announce meetings, take notes, maintain liaison with conveners, activists, allies.
  • Help develop and implement strategy and tactics.
  • Participate in executive committee, program committee, working group meetings
  • Help organize meetings and public events


Contribute to CPS’s online presence via website, e-alerts, social media

Fundraising Events

Help organize events to bring in $$$, cultivate donors, build list

Desired Skills


  • Synthesize advocacy information into CPS position statements
  • Easily restate information into different forms e.g. action alert, flyer, letter to the editor, fact sheet, social media
  • Excellent written English style, grammar, spelling



  • Organize Less Testing groups, call meetings, write summaries
  • Help plan and schedule Less Testing events, publicize, carry out
  • Outreach, recruit members, form committees and subgroups
  • Plan Less Testing advocacy campaigns with objectives, targets, methods



  • Design event flyers and outreach materials
  • Keep track of lists and money using Donorperfect
  • Post information on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, email
  • Share information with colleagues using Google Drive and Google Docs
  • Manage and organize lists of supporters using Google Groups, Constant Contact, Social media 


Time management

  • Keep own list of tasks organized and prioritized
  • Follow through pro-actively, identify problems and get help


Hours, Salary, Supervision

The organizer works 15 hours a week and will be compensated at $15/hour. This is a part-time employee position, reporting to the Executive Director.

Send cover letter and resume to lisa.guisbond@gmail.com.

June 2017